Give The Directories What They Need

Pity the poor researcher, whose job it is to wade through hundreds of submissions, all telling him or her the same thing: rank us higher! You got it wrong last year!

Their job is made so much harder by all the extraneous information firms decide to send the directories, “just in case it might help”. You might be justifiably proud of the prestigious conference you spoke at in 1998 – but the directories don’t care.

It’s essential to provide the directories with exactly what they need to make their rankings decision – nothing more, nothing less.

How I Can Help

  • A comprehensive set of best practice materials, covering all aspects of the research process.
  • Detailed strategic guidance on key parts of the process, in particular the thorny issues of client references, tips for selecting the best matters, advice for partners on how to handle research interviews, and guidance on which directories to participate with – and which to avoid.