Comprehensive services for maximum impact

How we can help...

  • Researching and drafting submissions for all key directories, awards and surveys.
  • Reviewing and editing existing submissions for format, substance, length and style.
  • Interviewing your lawyers to get to the crux of what makes your practice stand out from the competition.
  • Advising on structure of law firms’ internal processes for submissions.


Of course, you know you’re great. But simply telling the directories this won’t get you anywhere – remember, hundreds of other firms and attorneys will be doing exactly the same thing. In all parts of the submission, and during the partner interview with the researcher, it’s vital to explain why. Why is this deal important? Why is our work cutting-edge? Why do we deserve to be ranked higher? A strong, well-written submission is essential to achieving the rankings you deserve.

We have particular expertise in preparing compelling submissions for numerous international markets, across all types of law firms as well as barristers’ chambers, for all the main directories, awards and rankings providers, including Chambers, Legal 500, FT Innovative Lawyers, American Lawyer Litigation Department of the Year, Global Investigations Review, Global Arbitration Review, Global Competition Review, Law360, and many others.

- Nigel Savage

We have over 25 years’ experience of legal directories. Having worked for directories and for law firms, we know what is needed on both sides. Both are trying to mine that precious resource: information. In that regard, we’re mining experts!

- Mike Nash

How we can help...

  • Help with understanding the value and nature of the reference process
  • Implementation of a detailed process for guiding partners and marketing staff through the timing and strategy for bringing client references into the process
  • Comprehensive strategic guidance regarding optimum client reference selection
  • Best practice materials to keep clients and partners informed throughout the research process, making it more likely the clients will respond

Client Reference Management

So you’ve got your great submission ready to go into the directory. Well done… but that’s only half the battle. Many of the leading research-based directories use client references as a key element of their research. It’s hard to overstate the importance of this part of the process; all serious directories lean on that feedback and, for some directories, glowing references from key clients are more important than providing a detailed and focused submission.

A firm won’t necessarily get ranked on the strength of client references alone – but endorsement make it harder for the researcher to argue against a case for ranking. But there’s little benefit in providing clients who are unlikely to respond, or who aren’t going to give the researcher the right message. It’s a tricky balancing act and we can help with practical tips to get the mix right.

How we can help...

We have devised a number of key metrics that benchmark firms’ rankings against one another, which can be used to give firms a true picture of how they’re performing in the market – both currently and historically. Analysis of year-on-year progress of a firm’s own rankings, at both the practice and individual levels.

Performance Benchmarking

When a leading directory releases a new set of results, firms are eager to look up their own rankings. Where did we go up? Where did we go down? And (as marketing teams are all too acutely aware) – who can we blame for any disappointments?

Of course, it’s important for firms to chart their own progress year-on-year. It’s good for both internal morale and external messaging to say “we’ve got four more practice rankings and nine more lawyers ranked than we did last year”. But, even more compelling is for firms to chart their progress against their closest competitors, and benchmark their rankings accordingly. For example, your firm might not be adding rankings as quickly as the partners would like; but if your competitors’ rankings are all static or falling, you’re outperforming the market. And that‘s a message worth shouting about.

How we can help...

A comprehensive set of best practice materials, covering all aspects of the research process. Detailed strategic guidance on key parts of the process, in particular the thorny issues of client references, tips for selecting the best matters, advice for partners on how to handle research interviews, and guidance on which directories to participate with – and which to avoid.

Strategy and Best Practice

Pity the poor researcher, whose job it is to wade through hundreds of submissions, all telling him or her the same thing: rank us higher! You got it wrong last year! Their job is made so much harder by all the extraneous information firms decide to send the directories, “just in case it might help”.

You might be justifiably proud of the prestigious conference you spoke at in 1998 – but the directories don’t care. It’s essential to provide the directories with exactly what they need to make their rankings decision – nothing more, nothing less.

We can help with lines of argument and evidence that will make the researcher take a fresh look.

How we can help...

We have successfully delivered a number of presentations, Q+A sessions, and round tables, on managing legal directories to marketing teams and groups of lawyers at leading U.S., U.K., and European law firms. The aim of the presentation is to hone your firm’s submissions, discuss strategies for successfully participating in the research process, and help lawyers and marketing teams see the benefits of engaging in the directories process. Directories and submission process management training for law firm marketing teams. Pre-research interview lawyer coaching and preparation. Post-interview follow-up.

Training and Development

Many lawyers and marketing staff are by now familiar with the world of directories and rankings. Some aren’t, though, and even for those that are old hands, a “refresher” can be a really useful way of reminding them of certain tips and tricks they might have forgotten.

If your firm is bringing in new communications personnel to take on the task of directories, we can help train them in what is needed. We know – we’ve been there, on both sides of the fence.

How we can help...

Clear summaries and analysis of directory performance. Innovative strategies for promoting directory and awards successes on law firms’ websites. Developing a dedicated directories intranet page. Representing firms in person with directory editors and researchers. Keeping the directories updated with news and information throughout the year.

PR and Communications

The amount of time and effort that goes into putting together directory submissions is enormous (and we should know!). And yet, many firms often don’t do anything with the results of that investment when rankings are announced beyond the standard news item on their website. We think those firms are missing a trick.

It’s so important to make the amount of work your lawyers and marketers put in really pay off once the results come out, by adopting intelligent, eye-catching strategies for communicating your rankings both internally and externally.

On the other side of the coin, engaging with the directories throughout the year – rather than simply during the hard slog that is the submission process – can really pay dividends by helping, for example, to shape the way a practice area is researched in future or by offering training to research teams about your areas of law, so that in future the researchers are better equipped to understand what you do.