Rankings: How Are You Really Doing?

When a leading directory releases a new set of results, firms are eager to look up their own rankings. Where did we go up? Where did we go down? And (as marketing teams are all too acutely aware) – who can we blame for any disappointments?

Of course, it’s important for firms to chart their own progress year-on-year. It’s good for both internal morale and external messaging to say “we’ve got four more practice rankings and nine more lawyers ranked than we did last year”.

But, even more compelling is for firms to chart their progress against their competitors, and benchmark their rankings accordingly. For example, your firm might not be adding rankings as quickly as the partners would like; but if your competitors’ rankings are all static or falling, you’re outperforming the market. And that‘s a message worth shouting about.

How I Can Help

  • I have devised a number of key metrics that benchmark firms’ rankings against one another, which can be used to give firms a true picture of how they’re performing in the market – both currently and historically.
  • Analysis of year-on-year progress of a firm’s own rankings, at both the practice and individual levels.